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Kaija Koo “Siniset Tikkaat” went gold!

Finnish superstar Kaija Koo’s single Siniset Tikkaat, which Mikko co-wrote and co-produced went gold! Super duper! Spotify

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New releases

Some new releases fresh from the oven! Mariska “Je m’appelle Mari” Co-write, EMI Capitol Spotify Jesse Kaikuranta “Vallassasi oon” Co-write, Production, Universal Music Spotify  

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Gold and Platinum!

Mikko scores 2 platinum singles with the Finnish super act Teflon Brothers! “Ay Ay Ay” as the producer and “Juusto Katolle feat. Setä Tamu” as the featuring artist. Moreover, he also scores gold with Mäkki’s “Apuva” single! Congrats to all

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Shionoya Sayaka “Kiseki” released!

Mikko co-wrote and produced J-Pop star Shionoya Sayaka’s new song “Kiseki”. Happy days!

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Kaija Koo “Siniset Tikkaat” released!

Mikko co-wrote and co-produced Finnish superstar Kaija Koo’s single “Sinister Tikkaat” with Erin and Maija Vilkkumaa. Check it out on Spotify! 

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Mikko nominated for Emma (Finnish Grammy) for producer of the year

See the full list of Emma nominees here.

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Robin “Yhdessä” released – sold platinum!

Finnish superstar Robin released his new album Yhdessä including single Milloin nään sut uudestaan? feat. Kasmir  and Se tunne kun feat. Mikael Gabriel. Both tracks are co-written and co-produced by Mikko. Yhdessä already reached platinum status in Finland with 26.000 copies sold. Thanks and

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Robin “Milloin nään sut uudestaan?” feat. Kasmir released

Mikko Co-wrote Finnish superstar Robin’s new single “Milloin nään sut uudestaan?” feat. Kasmir with Kasmir and artist himself. Let the good times roll! Listen

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Samae Koskinen “Henkilökohtainen Ennätys” released

Samae Koskinen released his new album called “Henkilökohtainen Ennätys”.  The album is produced by Mikko. Thank you Samae and Universal Music for collaboration! Spotify iTunes Samae Koskinen Webpage

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Teflon Brothers “Ay Ay Ay” released!

Mikko is once again at full throttle, producing Teflon Brothers’ new single “Ay Ay Ay ft. Tango-Teemu”! Mikko’s previous work with the band, the production of “Maradona (kesä ’86)”, yielded platinum as the song became a huge summer hit in

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